Isolated individuals can rarely overcome a system, organization is necessary. The employment system has demonstrated a remarkable robustness in insuring human rentals remain the dominant form of labor exchange.

Progressive change is inherently a bottom up activity. It involves people getting together to discuss common problems, coming to mutual decisions, and taking action. It requires building trust and relationships, both time consuming activities. These things must largely be done in person. Unfortunately, setting up a web page doesn’t cut it.

The ability of people to trust their fellow citizens has been actively undermined. This trust and needs to be rebuilt. It is not rugged individualism which solves problems, but cooperation between people which provides the solution. To distrust the population as naive or easily manipulated, is to be atomized and ineffective. It undermines faith in democracy and gives strength to those in power.

Solutions for achieving abolition can be found in the political, economic, and social spheres. Eventually all are needed. Parallel approaches are essential, because they cater to the different assessments and abilities of individual participants. Organizing efforts can and should take place simultaneously on different fronts.

The point is that the best solution is not known. There are promising directions in the current environment, but circumstances change. History can only provide so much of a guide. Creativity and experimentation in the organizing process is a necessity.

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