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David Ellerman has a Bachelors in Philosophy from M.I.T.  (’65),  Masters in Philosophy of Science (’67) and Economics (’68), and Doctorate in Mathematics (’71) all from Boston University. He is responsible for the bulk of intellectual work duplicated on this website. Formerly an economic advisor at the World Bank, he is currently a visiting scholar at U.C. Riverside. Anyone with a deeper interest in these ideas should read his work in full.

Mike Leung has a Bachelors in Engineering Physics from U.C. Berkeley, and Doctorate in Physics from Princeton University. He created the Abolish Human Rentals website. His work on cooperatives can be found here:

Worker Cooperative Development

Worker Cooperative Conversions

Cooperative Accounting

Philippe D. Grosjean provided the French translation.

Tomas Salcedo provided the Spanish translation.

Daniel Trusca created an ebook of the site.