Human rentals

The indoctrination required to control a “free” society means some of the simplest and most straight forward ideas are unmentionable within the ideological framework. The illegitimacy of human rentals is one such taboo topic, not to be brought up by “respectable” intellectuals responsible for manufacturing public opinion. The success of the propaganda leaves many asking what is a human rental?

The answer is probably more obvious to a child than someone in business or economics who must internalize the doctrinal system in order to succeed. The rental of a human is just like the rental of any thing else. When a car is rented, the use of the car (within certain limits) is transferred to the renter. The renter also bears responsibility for the car during the rental period. Same with renting a house.

Human rental are no different, yet most people would have difficulty identifying the standard employment relationship as an example of a human rental. Human sales are easily identified as slavery, but the connection between a person’s job and their self rental is rarely made.

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